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Village OF Phoenix

Garbage Pickup Day in Phoenix

Garbage is picked up every Tuesday. The only time this change is, if the scavenger service observes a holiday that falls on Monday. In that case, our garbage will be picked up on Wednesday.

Every home is allowed to place out (1) one large item per week for pick up. Please adhere to this rule. These items consist of old furniture, mattresses, couches, etc. Items such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, hot water tanks, TV’s and microwaves can be placed out for scrap trucks to pick up. These individuals who scrap usually picked up these items early. Please do not place your garbage out for pickup

before Monday evening. Citations will be issued for those citizens who disregard this requirement.

All citizens should have received a garbage totter, (large garbage can), which will hold large amounts of garbage. If you have not received a garbage totter, please contact the Village Hall at 708-331-2636.

Citizens are encouraged to dispose of tree limbs, branches, and shrubbery by cutting them into lengths no longer than 4 feet, tying and bundling, and placing them out with your regular garbage. All residents are required to obtain a dumpster for disposing of construction material.


New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day (Fourth of July)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

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