Library Board

In April of 1987, the voters of the Village of Phoenix voted to have the Phoenix Public Library District established. The purpose of the library is to provide library services for all residents of the Village. Since 1988, the residents of Phoenix may obtain a library card from the Harvey Public Library, where the Trustees of the Phoenix Library Board have entered into a contractual agreement. This library card may be used at any library in the Cook County Public Library System.

The Phoenix Library District has initiated many programs for our residents. Monthly "Book Club", 1st Thursday in each month at the MPSC "Family Reading Night", is a partnership between the Phoenix Library Board and School District 151. All students from Phoenix who have read a certain number of books are honored at a program with their parents and friends in attendance.


Free Books are given away at the Phoenix Family Festival each year. "Back-to-School the Safe Way" is held in September with presentations from ComEd, Metra, and the Phoenix Fire and Police Departments. These demonstrations instruct our students on how to be safe at all times.Homework assistance is available every Wednesday, from 3-5 pm at the MPSC. Students may check out books, complete assignments, and work on the computer. Other activities include trips to the Harvey Library and the "Story Lady."  Also, craft and game days are held during Spring and Christmas breaks. All residents are welcome to volunteer at the different activities the Phoenix Public Library District hosts.

The Trustees of the Phoenix Public Library District are:

    Jessica M. Buckner - President
    Loretta Wells - Vice President
    Ernestine Proctor-Harris - Treasurer
    Dorothy Carter - Financial Secretary
    Martina Lane-Mahaffey  - Recording Secretary

    Gloria Jean Dudley - Publicity
    Elizabeth Bateman-Loggins - Public Relations