Phoenix's Best

Quote From Larry Lashley:

The best athlete I ever saw was Lloyd Batts. He did in two years what took Tracy Webster four years to do, that is to be the all-time leading scorer at Thornton Township High School. Lloyd averaged 35 points a game and would have averaged more if there had been a 3-point line. Imagine how many points he could have scored if he would have played during his freshman and sophomore years. During his freshman and sophomore years he could not play varsity sports.

My number two choice would have to be Richard Halbert, who was the leader of the state championship team of 1966 at Thornton. He was a quiet leader who led by example.My third choice would have to be Hershel Lewis who is probably the smoothest player I had ever seen.

One other name that stands out is that of Donnell Sanderfer. It is hard to believe but Darnell started as a 3rd grader on the 7th grade team at Coolidge. I am sure that no athlete will ever match him.Another memorable person from Phoenix was not an athlete but a person who supported the athletic program and that was Mr. Chuck Hill known to all as “Uncle Chuck.” During the 1960s when the school did not have enough money for trophies, Mr. Hill would buy the trophies out his money to make sure that we received some small measure of reward. It is one of the secrets that very few people knew about and he should be commended for it.

Who was the best singer you ever heard from Phoenix?
Dorothy Carter:

The most beautiful voice I ever heard was that of Mrs. Dorothy Miller. I just loved to hear her sing. My favorite song was, “I’ll Fly Away”.
Joda Boykin:

I think that Harold Jones had a great voice. His voice had an opera quality about it. In fact, I think that he did sing opera. Bill Ivy is another one who had a great singing voice.
Terry R. Wells:

The two that came to my mind are Robert Jackson and Felicia Wyatt.  If you want tears to flow at a funeral let either one of these two start singing.
Justine Hagler (deceased):

The best I ever heard was Eloise Treadwell.  I would sit on the step of my house and listen to her sing.  Fiinally I decided to join New Convenant.  She was the reason I joined.
Selena Parr:

I have heard several very good singers from Phoenix.  Two that come to mind are former Mayor January Belmont and Juanita Robert.  They have beautiful opera style voices. Also Mrs. Barr has a beautiful voice.  She put a lot of feelings into her singing.
Ruth Barr:

The best I ever heard was Fred Carraway.  When he sang he did it from the heart. Everyone in the church could feel whatever emotion he was feeling. Mary Butler was another person with a beautiful voice.
Robert Jackson:

My choice would have to be Jessie May Williams. She could bring you to your knees with her singing. We actually had a singing group years ago called the Jackson Singers. We recorded a song entitled “These Are They.”  The group consisted of Sonny Banks, Robert Jackson, Cornelius Stoudemire, and Jesse Williams.
Leatrice Brown:

The best singer I ever heard had to be Harold Jones. I remember he came to Thornton Township High School to sing and simply turned the place out. He had such a strong booming voice. The best musician had to be Daniel Banks.  He mastered that piano like no one I have ever seen.
Inez Hawkins:

One of the best singers had to be Cornelius Taylor. She had such a beautiful voice. Another person who could sing very well was Effie and Rudy Long. Effie would play the piano while Rudy would sing but they both were two of the best singers that I’ve ever heard. The best male singer had to be Robert Jackson. He is old now (smile) but you should have heard him when he was younger.  He was something to hear!
Eddie Brown:

No doubt in my mind Harold Jones was the best. This man went to New York and became an opera star, no one in this area could touch him. The second best would have to be Robert Jackson. Any time there was a function and they needed someone to sing they would always call on Robert. It didn’t make any difference if the piano player showed up or not, he didn’t need anyone to accompany him. He would just pat his foot and just set the place on fire.
Loretta Wells:

From my generation, the best had to be Stacy Cantrell. Her voice was so inspiring and uplifting. She made you want to standup and shout.

This is a short list of others that weren't mentioned: Duval Ross, Melba Ferrell, Marjorie Reed, Sharna Bullock, Gwen Dagans, Eva Parks, Otis Webster, Sheree Victorian, Esquilla Terry, Bonnie Latnie, William Allgood, and Andrew Brown