The History of The Family Centered Educational Agency


The Family Centered Educational Agency Jonathan McKenzie, Educational Specialist and Vocational Counselor, and Dennis Morrison, a Licensed Clinical Practitioner and Educator, organized the Family Centered Educational Agency, Inc. (FCEA) in 1995.

The purpose of the agency is to provide education, community and economic development programs and direct human services, which address the needs of low-income residents and economically depressed communities.

Mayor Terry R. Wells, Dr. J. Kamala Buckner, Dr. Douglas Hamilton and a host of other community residents have played a major role in the growth and development of FCEA. The agency has successfully placed students into colleges and universities all across the United States through the conduit of its federally funded TRIO Program (Upward Bound). The FCEA Abstinence Only Education Program has taught hundreds of teenagers about the dangers of unprotected sexual activity and the value/benefit of sexual abstinence and other unhealthy lifestyles.

Today, FCEA provides educational, social, and holistic services to students, families, businesses, and community residents. With a staff of 15 employees, the Family Centered Educational Agency offers tutoring, academic advisement, ACT/SAT Preparation, Job Training and Development, College Tours and Placement, Financial Aid Assistance, Computer-Aided Instruction, Abstinence Education, Grant Writing and Training, and a host of other community-based services.

Dennis and Jonathan continue to work towards the vision of opening a childcare facility and school within the next two years. FCEA is planning to start construction on the new facility soon. The entire staff continues to seek the Lord daily (in prayer) for direction and guidance as they carry out His plan for them and FCEA.